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34-Matrix ImageThank you for your interest and support of the 34-Matrix.


After you've experienced many positive sessions with 34-Matrix, please always feel free to share your thoughts with me at


While spreading the word, please remember to protect your investment and the honorable idea of copyright.


Please Download your PDF: "Understanding the 34-Matrix" here.


Depending on what you chose during the PayPal checkout, I will either mail you a CD, or send a link to your email address.  After receiving the link, please keep in mind the following, which is dependent upon your specific Browser:


You may need to Control-click (Mac) or Right-click (PC) to download the mp3 to your desktop.
You may see, "Download Video." But it will download as an mp3.


Suggestion: Burn 2 copies of the audio onto a CD for a 68-minute continuous play, and/or let 34-Matrix play in the background by looping it on your mp3 player. Remember, it is not "Music" in the sense that it requires attentive listening. Rather, it should become a part of your landscape.


As your Time allows, you may be interested in seeing other articles specific to Training.  Here is link:


Enjoy! I wish you the best always!  Love & Godspeed! Stephen Melillo

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